Ukuzimanya Technical Services was established by Guy Hendricks in 2004. Why the name “Ukuzimanya” for his business? It was at a time in his personal life that he was reliant on his housekeeper named Thelma Zozi for assistance with running his home and taking care of his two children whilst he was at work. The word “Ukuzimanya” means “stand together “ or “united” depending on the context in which it is used. Thelma has been regarded as a family member in the Hendricks household for more than 25 years now and she will always be remembered lovingly as the lady who inspired the business name “Ukuzimanya”.

Over the past 14 years, Ukuzimanya has expanded from a “one man” business to that of 10 employees, providing clients with quality service, assisting with the best fit for their communication, cloud and storage requirements and the tailoring of products to suit their budget costs. Furthermore, our clients have the option of engaging with us on-site or remotely, whichever suits their needs.