Short description

Ukuzimanya has many years’ experience in I.T. Architecture; designing and managing of client I.T. infrastructure and setup is our forte. An I.T. Architect manages the computer system suitable for your business goals. We design all aspects of your business network needs to allow you to focus on generating new business.

I.T. Architecture tends to be complex and encompasses the design of overall information delivery including the hardware, software, and external services which makes up a functional system. There are a series of principles, guidelines or rules used by businesses to direct the process of acquiring, building, modifying and interfacing I.T. resources throughout a business.

There are three main types of I.T. Architecture that do very different things for your business.

1. Enterprise Architect
An Enterprise Architect is an Architect who is less computer science oriented; their focus is to ensure that I.T. works for your business. They often have a technical background but do not fall in the same category as I.T. support. Instead, these employees will work at making your I.T. system fit your business goals. An Enterprise Architect needs to be able to understand both I.T. and business at a high level.

2. Software Architect
Software Architecture is a specific subset of I.T. architecture. They are exceptionally technical and are less concerned with the day-to-day running of your business. They will know how to code and will help you find cost-effective software solutions. They will act as a relay between the software development team and the business, acting as leaders to ensure your needs are met.

3. Infrastructure Architect
An Infrastructure Architect is responsible for keeping your business running smoothly. If you are planning to expand into a new market, they will create the solutions to handle the increased demand. They will keep your business mobile apps and backends running smoothly. They will also handle data security for your sensitive data. This part of their role could be ensuring your I.T. system is compliant with GDPR regulations, for example. Without an Infrastructure Architect, your business I.T. system will struggle.
Whatever the size of your business, you could benefit from having an I.T. Architect. This role requires a great deal of knowledge and we therefore recommend contacting Ukuzimanya to manage your I.T. Architecture. Having an I.T. Architect on call 24/7 will ensure that all I.T. systems run smoothly. Once your I.T. needs are taken care of, you can focus on the every-day running of your business.

Here are the 3 keys areas we Focus on

A Good Understanding of Business Technologies

As your I.T. Architect we are experienced in all the latest business technologies. While a full grasp of business is only essential for Enterprise Architects, an I.T. Architect is worth their weight in gold. If we don’t have specialist knowledge of your industry’s technology, we partner with a specialist to ensure you always get the best results.

Design Skills

As an I.T. Architect we always focus on the “big-picture”. We use our knowledge to practice and design systems on any scale. This becomes even more important as the size of your business increases. The larger the business, the more complex its I.T. systems. As competent I.T. Architects we will be able to design systems for any size, either individually or as part of a team.

Communication Skills

It may not be related to I.T., but excellent communication skills are key to the role of an I.T. Architect. We will be documenting every step of the process in both technical and layman’s terms. We create presentations and lead with a wide variety of technical skills. These skills have made us a market Leader in I.T. Architects.
Now that you know what an I.T. Architect is and should you wish to utilise our service, please do not hesitate to contact Ukuzimanya for a free quotation.
Our training and in-house courses can give your existing employees the skills they need to operate optimally. This cuts down on recruitment costs, time spent shortlisting and interviewing candidates and allows you to continue an existing business relationship.
In business today, a secure, responsive and well-developed I.T. system is essential for any business. By aligning with Ukuzimanya as an I.T. Architect, the sky is truly the limit for your business.