Managed IT Services

Are you looking for a hassle-free IT solution for your business and wish to save time and money while boosting your efficiency and productivity? Then our Managed IT Services is the answer!

IT Solutions


Ensure your IT processes and functions are covered!  From devices to systems,  on-site or remote, we find the best IT solution for your business goals and deliver them with professionalism and care.  



We offer flexible pricing options, from hourly rates to full SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) and build network infrastructures to provide your business with a stable and fast network. 



We can become your IT Partner and assist you grow and stay ahead of your competitors. Contact us today and allow us to show you what we have to offer. 

Twenty Years of Top Experience

Ukuzimanya is more than just an IT company. We are IT partners who understand your business needs and goals. We are people who care about the people behind a business name!

A business requires Managed IT Services to provide cost-effective, secure, reliable 24/7 support and innovative solutions to remain ahead of Competitors. Ukuzimanya invests in Technology and skills to provide businesses with a comprehensive end-to-end Managed IT services.



Enhance system stability and reliability

  • Minimise downtime and disruptions.
  • Maintain and upgrade IT infrastructure.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot issues.

Provide 24/7 support and updates

  • Assistance with any IT queries or issues. 
  • Access powerful pro-active support resources. 
  • Keep systems and software up-to-date.

Define and implement strategic solutions

  • Use Best Practices and Industry standards.
  • Identify ongoing enhancements and cost-savings.
  • Align IT solutions with business goals.

IT Environment critical support

  • Handle high-performance and high-availability demands.
  • Manage security and risk mitigation.
  • Support multi-vendor and multi-platform systems.

Protect What Matters