Cloud computing provides the infrastructure and offers platforms and software to users through the Internet. This network of remote servers allows users easy access to manage, store and process data. All-in-all, cloud computers make resources flexible and innovative and help to reduce overall operating costs and so much more.

Understanding Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Services is the separation of computer software from hardware. Various forms of cloud computing rely on virtualising hardware, which dramatically changes the equation. By putting a virtualisation layer between the physical hardware and the code, it becomes possible to define a running environment in software.

There is the flexibility to choose from a single organisation (Private Cloud) or many organisations (Public Cloud) or a combination of both (Hybrid Cloud). Cloud computing relies on the sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale.

The cloud leverages virtualisation technology by allowing you to request “hardware” at a moment’s notice, you only pay for the resources used and delete it when your tasks are complete.

At Ukuzimanya we strive to avoid or minimise “up-front” IT infrastructure costs. We utilise Cloud computing to assist enterprises in getting their applications up and running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance. The availability of high-capacity networks, low-cost computers and storage devices has led to growth in offering cloud computing as a great business investment.

Types of Service models - iaas, paas, saas


IaaS helps companies transform into digital businesses by providing on-demand, fit-for-purpose computing infrastructure (server and storage) all the way to the level of operating systems.

  • Highest availability and security
  • Self-service environment
  • Hosted virtual servers
  • Tiered storage
  • Snapshot backups
  • Multi-data centre deployment
  • Flexible, best-fit solutions from server on demand, storage on demand, virtualization, back-up services, to optional off-site storage
  • Enjoy powerful computing without the infrastructure capital outlay or the management and maintenance headache


SaaS provides latest productivity tools using a consumption-based model with no upfront costs.

  • Enterprise data security
  • Available 99.9% of the time
  • Hosted mailboxes
  • Attractive subscription benefits
  • Mail archiving
  • Self-service portal
  • Available on demand on a per user cost basis
  • Work from anywhere in real time


PaaS keeps your workforce productive from anywhere. It provides for database or business applications on demand, delivering powerful features without the overhead of managing the infrastructure.

  • Powerful features
  • Be in control with Flexible management options
  • Hosted document collaboration
  • Database as a Service DBaaS
  • Synchronisation with local data centres
  • Backup on all devices
  • Empowered to collaborate, discover and share information easily


  • Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Reduced operating expenses by only paying for services consumed and scale the services as required
  • World-wide access to data Centres
  • Improved performance
  • High-level mobility features
  • Disaster and disruption readiness
  • Seamless integration with new applications



The use of cloud computing reduces the expense of purchasing hardware and software as well as having to set up and run on-site data centers.


Allows you to provide the right amount of IT Resources which can result in more or less computing power, storage and bandwidth as and when required.


IT teams no longer need to spend unnecessary time on racking, stacking and hardware setup which allows more time to complete and priorities business goals.


Large cloud computing services typically run through a global network of secure data centers, meaning they are constantly up-to-date with the latest and best computing hardware.


Business continuity is more reliable as data backups and recoveries can be made through mirroring data on multiple redundant sites on the service-provided platform.


The majority of cloud providers deliver a wide range of policies, technologies and management which can improve your general security position as well as offer protection on your apps, data and infrastructure from possible threats.


Changes can be made in mere minutes providing businesses with the needed flexibility and space for capacity planning.


Cloud Computing Service

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