Communication is a form of technology that revolves around developing, applying and deploying various tele-communication services. This is often for the express purpose of enabling the digital transmission of voice or data.

Communication goes hand-in-hand with other services you may be using such as an architecture system to which applications you may be using. Making the switch to VoIP might not be as difficult as you think. If you are already using Microsoft, chances are it will be much easier and cheaper that you expected.

We assist our clients grow with technology and assist them with the best solution to allow a seamless transition and allow more freedom to work from anywhere, any time and on any device.


Low infrastructure costs:

As VoIP makes it possible for data and voice communications to run over just a single network, infrastructure costs have been reduced dramatically when directly compared to traditional systems.

Low extension prices:

The cost of integrating extensions on VoIP compatible devices have become far more affordable than PBX and key systems as they rely on standard interfaces rather than closed architectures.

Bandwidth efficiency:

Efficiency is determined by the bandwidth of your current internet connection. It is because of this that a faster connection can support more lines. As an example, a bandwidth of 30Mbps can handle over 70 lines.

Easy to use:

This technology can be accessed via simple and intuitive interfaces that enable users to create simple configurations for the system with ease. Additionally, phones that have dual mode negate the need for both desktops and cell phones, which simplifies the act of continuing a phone call as the user moves from an outside service to an internal Wi-Fi network and vice versa, which also reduces maintenance costs.

Unified communication:

Countless companies currently make use of VoIP Telephony as it allows them to connect various communication services such as phone calls, voice mail, video conferences, faxes as well as emails.

Call recording:

VoIP Technology makes it easier and more efficient to record calls and other forms of office communication as it enables businesses to connect different communication services to a single device or software.



These devices are like traditional phones, with the difference that they have a screen to enable the possibility for video conferences and they can also make several calls at the same time and with a very high definition sound.


This phone is especially practical because they allow you to make phones calls without having to access your computer (it doesn’t even have to be turned on) or make use of the landline terminal.


Softphones are usually software programs that are installed on the computer to help you make calls over the Internet. They are usually quite useful when paired with headphones, a microphone, and a web camera. Softphones can also be used as a mobile application on your smartphone.


This is a far less common form of VoIP Telephony and refers to any devices that are able to connect to your computer via USB, allowing you to make calls through the internet. The main benefit that VoIP provides is that you can take it anywhere.


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