Most enterprises, businesses or even individuals back up data regarded as sensitive or valuable in the event of unforeseen death, theft, hardware failure, natural disasters or anything that can cause their data to disappear or be lost forever. Backups can prevent this by storing and capturing the data you want to keep safe forever. By backing up your data on a cloud,  an external hard drive or even a disk image your data will be protected.

It is believed by most that Microsoft 365 keeps your data safe. However, this is a myth.

It is imperative to ensure that prevention of data loss is in place in a business environment.  A business owner is responsible for backing up data.  Years ago, the cost of backing up data was extremely expensive and for this reason, businesses did not back up work or even consider doing so.


These days the IT world has changed dramatically with more people having access to the internet which puts any business or person at risk. The good news is there are cost-effective solutions available to businesses.

We look at each business system individually and customise a package according to our customer’s needs. This means the customer only pays for what is required. A businessman can decide whether an onsite option,  cloud or a combination of both,  would be suitable as each of these have their own benefits and costs.

Should a system be breeched in any way or data is lost, the recovery process is possible, enabling a business to return to normality in the shortest of time. For further information on the most cost-effective backup solution for your business, please contact us to arrange a suitable system assessment.


We manage the following in Microsoft 365:
  • Microsoft 365 Exchange Backup (TM) every four hours
  • Microsoft 365 OneDrive (R) every six hours
  • Microsoft 365 SharePoint (R) [which includes Microsoft Team(R)] every six hours
  • Backup virtual or physical servers, workstations or notebooks
Keep And Recover Data:
  • Protect Your Data 24/7
  • Store and recover all Microsoft 365 Data (OneDrive and SharePoint data for one year, Exchange Email, Contacts, Calendars and Tasks for Up to Seven Years)
  • Meet any Retention Requirements for data storage needs
  • Keep and Recover virtual or physical machines to their original state
hard drives in data center

Please note, should you require further information on our Back Up Services, please contact the Ukuzimanya Helpdesk on 021-2066761 or email the helpdesk at

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