A Managed Service is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining and anticipating the need for a range of processes and functions in order to improve operations and cut expenses.

Our IT Consultants offer expert advice on how to best utilise Information Technology to achieve your business objectives, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Our support ranges from a single PC or Tablet to fully equipped server rooms. We provide both on-site or remote services, depending on our client’s unique requirements and pride ourselves in the quality of service delivery offered.

We offer straight hourly rates or full SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) that will ensure continuous pro-active and reliable IT management.

We are qualified to build network infrastructures that will provide your business with a stable and reliable network, allowing your business to grow and keeping you ahead of your competitors.

Managed Service provider


Data Backup

Retain and recover data on virtual or physical devices across multiple platforms. It is imperative to ensure that the prevention of data loss is in place in a business environment and it can be done cost-effectively.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and intelligence – over the Internet


Improving your technology strategy for the future by recommendations and solutions to address business needs, technology changes are inevitable and can result in dramatic disruptions.


IT Architecture tends to be complex and encompasses the design of overall information delivery including the hardware, software, and external services which make up a functional system. 


We focus on establishing a reliable and efficient connection between devices to exchange data. We assist our clients grow with technology and assist them with the best solution to allow a seamless transition and allow more freedom to work from anywhere, any time and on any device.


Establishing and maintaining connections between networks, devices like routers, switches or modem`s and systems to enable the transfer of data. 

Cyber Security

Implementation of various measures and technologies to safeguard information technology assets. Be Prepare, have a Plan get Protection.


  • Increasing your system stability and reliability, by reducing downtime and maintaining your IT infrastructure.
  • Define strategy and goals, by implementing solutions that make use of best practices and identify ongoing enhancements and cost-savings.
  • Support systems and software by providing 24/7 assistance, powerful proactive support resources and ongoing access to updates.
  • Provide mission-critical support services for complex IT environments in order to help maximise performance, achieve higher availability and reduce risk.


Should you require more information on our Managed Services, please request assistance from the Ukuzimanya Helpdesk on 021-2066761 or email helpdesk at